Bad Monk's needs help to create the top 10 American martial arts masters that has great movie appeal.

Nov 02, 2022

To preface, this list has nothing to do with who's the better fighter but with which master has the most "movie" appeal.  I think we've been wringing out Bruce Lee's story so much that whenever I watch one it gives me the same feeling as watching another movie about Batman.  It's still appealing but more like a nice warm soup rather than a spicy beef cooked in chili oil with bamboo shoots and whatever else yummy that they include.  That's how a kung fu movie should be.

I need help everyone!  Please give me up to 3 only please.

Here are my parameters:

  1. They must have taught a few students or had a school.
  2. They must be deceased.  Easier to "romanticize" their stories that way.
  3. They must have a "loose trail" of legendary stories.  We're looking to base or be inspired by real stories rather than being too true to reality.
  4. They lived through some grand historical events.  Wars, civil rights movement times, sport fighting, pioneers, leaders, etc.
  5. They had interesting personalities and life scenarios.


Bad Monk Ron

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