Everybody doing some kung fu dancing!!!

Oct 12, 2022

I scratch my bald head when I encounter people that aggressively protect their preference in music and ridicule other types of music.  Many people love "Rock and Roll" and some can't stand it.  I like "Rock and Roll," but I love Soca, hip-hop, adventure movie soundtracks, and pirate songs. I'm eclectically weird and proud of it.

Whether jogging, talking, eating, and heck - even the way you move your eyes has a rhythm, but the most apparent way is through body movements.

Understanding your combat rhythm is essential in surviving an attack, makes you more effective, and lessens injuries.

Ever seen effective fighters fight for real?

They command the situation and exude a natural rhythm in dominating their opponent.  As if they are walking through a garden relaxed, and confident.


Do Kung Fu forms teach you "combat rhythm?"

Yes, but only at its most basic level. Much like how a child's book teaches you how to read and comprehend simple words and concepts, forms only reference the basics of that Kung Fu form.

I cringe when I see instructors shifting their student's punch a millimeter here and a millimeter there when being taught forms.  Overly obsessive instructing is detrimental to your own rhythm, development, and a complete waste of time.

Here is my formula for learning combat rhythm starting from your form:

  1. Learn and memorize the Kung Fu form.
  2. Learn and memorize each movement's combat application.
  3. Learn to use the combat application in a "San Sau" format with a combat practice partner. Watch KKP episode 1 for more info on this.
  4. Like dancing with a partner, your partner should have a similar rhythm as yours.  This is will dictate the speed of your progress.
  5. Slowly randomize your and your partner's attacks at each other.  Slowly throw any type of punch, kick, hold, or tackle.  Let your brains keep up by going in semi-slow motion.  It's up to you and your partner if you want to speed up.  Remember your rhythm!!!  Speeding up ruins your rhythm so adapt logically. 
  6. Once you have achieved number 5 comfortably, start practicing your Kung Fu form again as if in combat practice, and WOOT-WOOT, your Kung Fu form changed to suit your body's combat rhythm.
  7. Now look at other people's forms, and you'll notice if they know how to use the form in combat or not right from that start.
  8. Then gloat to yourself and tell yourself you rock!
  9. Then quietly plan to rule the world.
  10. But only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Proper "San Sau" combat practice forces your body to become attuned to your body's natural combat rhythm, and like riding a bike, your body will never forget it.

Like riding a bike, if you don't keep practicing, it might take a while to re-calibrate your body back to the combat rhythm you worked so hard to discover. So keep it up, and even if your schedule is packed, try to practice at least once a month, more if you live in a dangerous neighborhood.

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